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We promote luxury (4 and 5-star) hotels, guest-houses, lodges and
safari camps on European professional markets.
Our goal is to create awareness about these properties.


This promotion includes a website ( and newsletters sent monthly to such European prescribers as :


  • Tour Operators,

  • Travel Agents,

  • Travel journalists

  • Opinion leaders


in the following countries :


  • France, French-speaking Belgium and Switzerland : 3,900 prescribers

  • Italy : 3,750 Italian prescribers

  • Germany : 5,000 German prescribers

  • The Netherlands : 1,075 Dutch prescribers

  • Spain : 1,800 Spanish prescribers.


Our recipient lists are checked every year in order to take into account new companies as well as those which are no longer operational.

We can assist you with all the necessary translations into French, German and Italian as we hire the services of skilled translators.


Each property we promote has its own dedicated web page including : 


  • a specific background picture (usually related to the property location)

  • logo, name of property, stars, address, phone number

  • links to the property's website and its electronic booking form

  • general description of the property

  • fact sheet

  • 10 to 20-photograph slideshow

  • Youtube or Vimeo video (if available)

  • Google map


For that, kindly provide us with your photographs, fact sheet and description. We shall translate your texts into French, German and Italian.


We publish a monthly newsletter sent in French, German and Italian to the 15,525 prescribers listed above.

This newsletter introduces the new properties on our website with links to their dedicated web pages and the obvious goal is to create an awareness.


Quarterly (starting in September 2017), we also publish national newsletters focusing on the properties we promote (e.g. : South Africa newsletter, Italy newsletter, etc.) with additional information about the given country (best time of the year, visa or no visa, travelling tips, ...).



If interested, we can also create your own dedicated newsletter which we shall send 4, 6 or 8 times in a year to the European tour operators and travel agents in the language(s) of your choice.

A typically dedicated newsletter is composed of general information displayed on each issue (location, contact details, google map, info about the country/company, travelling tips, ...) and, specifically, on each issue, information focussing on two or three new different subjects (e.g. : the bedrooms and suites, fitness centre, how to get there, leisures, activities, etc.). 
Our good knowledge of European tourists' needs and tastes in terms of holidays allows us to assist you in the choice of subjects as well as the contents if you wish so.


The goals of all these newsletters :


  • Bring information to European prescribers

  • Create awareness about luxury properties.

  • Encourage the European prescribers to include these properties in their brochures and tours

  • Encourage them to consult/discover the properties' official websites (several links from the newsletters to the properties' websites)


In Europe, newsletter campaigns sent to the general public only have an average 3 % opening.
Our promotion technique ( "hammering" technique ) consists in reaching targeted recipients on a monthly basis rate ; because we send our newsletters to targeted recipients our average opening rate has reached 23 % over the last 24 months !


Let's keep in mind that most professional websites are not ranked on Google's first page of results for a given request (e.g.: "Hotels in Manchester", "California guest-houses"). Such poorly ranked websites are obviously not the best tools for gaining new clients ... 
Our newsletters directly reach your prescribers and we lead them to your website !


10 days after each campaign delivery, we send our clients a report including following details :


  • number of recipients (by country)

  • number of openings (by country)

  • number of clicks on links (by country)

  • identification of our clients' website pages reached by the clicks


We require a twelve-month engagement from our clients and our costs include :


  • Creating texts in cooperation with client

  • Translating into the language spoken in the European country(ies) you wish to communicate

  • Editing

  • Sending the monthly and quarterly national newsletters to the targeted recipients

  • Statistics survey

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